Anger affects more than you think.
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Anger affects more than you think. Especially during the relatively hot weather. It often gets irritated more easily than before. In addition, anger It may also affect physical and mental health as well.

during the relatively hot weather Of course, it often makes us irritable and "angry" a lot easier, and "angry" is an important emotion that makes us aware of what's wrong. If you can't control will become a destructive force do something impulsive It's easy to make wrong decisions that lead to problems. both personal relationships problem at work performance deteriorates

Anger will lead to increased stress. And likewise, stress tends to increase anger. And it can have physical effects when we get angry.

Anger is caused by accumulated stress. coupled with a stimulus or a stimulus When you know you're angry It can be observed from various symptoms such as increased heartbeat, muscle stiffness, sweating, hot face, etc.

how to deal with anger By diverting attention away from the anger incident in five simple ways:

1. Try to count from 1 to 10 in your mind before saying anything while angry. This will help reduce the potential violence that can arise from acting while angry.

2. Try a new count from 1 to 10, which will help you control your anger better. By counting while breathing in and out through the abdomen, slowly league between each number. This will help you feel relaxed. because the brain receives more oxygen

3. Count from 1 to 10 and think of your favorite things or things that make you feel good, such as 1 ice cream, 2 bars, 3 bars. This will calm your mind and create good feelings instead of anger.

4. Use the countdown method from 100 to 80. Concentrate on counting. to stop thinking about things that are angry; and

5. Try to close your eyes and think about events or things in the past that you have met and you are happy, comfortable, and relieve stress, such as traveling in different places. walk to the temple It will help reduce anger.

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