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When shopping for a new freezer or walk-in cooler it's easy to shop by price alone Nolito Manchester City Jersey , but this isn't always the best decision. Cost of operating your freezer and walk-in cooler is rarely part of the deciding factor but it is actually more important than just the initial cost. Your purchase price is a one-time cost while your monthly electric bill can add up over the years. Let's take a closer look at the insulation that is typically used with walk-ins; extruded polystyrene and foamed-in-place polyurethane.

Construction Process

Freezers and coolers are generally made of protective skin and insulating material comprised of modular panels. Fiberglass and metal are usually what makes up the protective skin. This serves the purpose of protecting your freezer's insulation which doesn't work independently and is actually quite fragile. Insulation is usually made of material that is foam plastic and bonded or injected in the middle of the metal skins. This is what gives the freezer or walk-in heat flow resistance, allowing it to hold the cold temperatures needed.

Insulation Types

With freezers and walk-ins there are two types of plastic foam insulation commonly used, extruded and polyurethane polystyrene. Expanded and Extruded polystyrene are not the same and shouldn't be confused. Expanded polystyrene has different insulating and structural properties and is white. We are going to stick to extruded polystyrene here.


This insulation can be applied in two different manners during the construction of the freezer. It can be injected or poured between the two metal sheets in a mold to produce a panel for the walk-in. Less commonly, it is applied by box pouring a 4 foot x 20 foot block of foam. Next, this is cut to the desired thickness and then laminated between the metal sheets forming a panel for the walk-in.

Extruded Polystyrene

While this is the newest when it comes to freezer and walk-in insulation Nicolas Otamendi Manchester City Jersey , it has been in use for several years in areas of high moisture as well as high R-value requirements such as cold warehouses. It’s made by extruding the polystyrene through a mold creating the panel to the size needed. It's then planed for perfection. Once finished it’s bonded between metal sheets and ran through a press to form panels for the walk-in.

What Does It Mean

Performance is generally rated in R-value; the higher the value the better insulated it is. Operating temps can affect performance. In comparison with temps from -10 degrees F to 50, polyurethane comes out with lower R-values and extruded polystyrene has a higher value. This means polyurethane performs worse at lower temps and extruded polystyrene does better.

Moisture also affects insulation. Dew is often caused by the difference in temperature between a freezer and the outside. Water has a lower R-value than insulation and reduces its effectiveness. Polyurethane allows more presence of water vapor than extruded polystyrene, which means extruded polystyrene insulates better with high moisture conditions. Polyurethane also happens to lose three-quarters of its R-value in the course of five years while extruded polystyrene only loses a quarter. What this means is that a freezer using extruded polystyrene can save you tons of money in energy costs during its lifetime.
One of the biggest challenges in a family, especially for the husband and the wife is to go through divorce. These are times of emotional pain, confusion and depression Marlos Moreno Manchester City Jersey , and only the best decisions can make a divorce go as smoothly as it ought to. To some, it may seem as a way of getting wealth from their partners, while to some, it may seem as the only way out of a particular problematic situation. However, the pain and trauma can have dire effects Leroy Sane Manchester City Jersey , and the best divorce attorneys need to be given a chance to look into the situation, and come up with the right kind of a solution for the whole problem.

As pertaining to divorce and law, the complexities may give birth to unpredictable results, favoring one party over the other. In Connecticut, you will require the services of a good representative to take you through the process. The laws in divorce may not be as clear to everyone Kyle Walker Manchester City Jersey , but some of the best lawyers will help you to understand some issues pertaining to legal separation, prenuptial signing of agreements, child support and rights belonging to the grandparents. In addition, they ought to be in a position to explain modifications in the marriage or the separation, the proceedings immediately after the judgment and the custody rights and implications.

One of the best courses of action a representative will take is the ability to negotiate. Before the divorce case goes to the courts Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City Jersey , the advocate should take a mediation angle to try to save time and resources for hisher client. If this does not work, he will do whatever it takes to fight for the client in the court of law. However, if this is to be, the client must be able to prove that heshe can be trusted with the information relayed to his advocate. There have been countless cases where, even after swearing by the 'book' Kelechi Iheanacho Manchester City Jersey , clients go ahead to provide false information concerning their lives and the state of the family back home.

People should know that being caught with falsified information against a client could have grievous consequences, some of which include being sued by your defendant. In addition, you may be heavily penalized by the courts for such actions. Truthfulness allows the lawyers to work in an easier way. It can even give an easier time for the lawyers to negotiate on their behalf. In fact, it can cause an end to the disagreement, bringing the family back together.

Parents should always remember how much it would cost for divorce to tak. Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China
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