5 signs that indicate The dog is stressed!
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 5:06 am    Post subject: 5 signs that indicate The dog is stressed! Reply with quote
Is your dog stressing? Sometimes the behavior is strange. That is different from the original dog. joker123 We might not know what he was going to convey. Or what are you thinking? Sometimes it can be stressful. Which stress of the dog It is an important matter that the owner has to consider. This may adversely affect the health of your beloved dog. The signal that said Your dog is stressed:

5 signs that indicate The dog is stressed!
1. Sleep more than usual
Dogs normally sleep 16 hours a day. May not sleep all at once But will sleep for a short time Because the dog will have more senses than people. If that happens, the dog sleeps more than usual Or lethargy means your dog is stressed Or stay sick

2. Have diarrhea Or have problems with the digestive system
If your dog has diarrhea, constipation, frequent excretion, these symptoms are caused by a stress diet. Or have been ill for several days Hurry and go to the veterinarian immediately!

3. Showing signs of aggression towards other animals or their owners.
Some breeds of dogs may be aggressive in them. But if the dog is normally not aggressive Bites of the owner. It could be a sign that your dog is experiencing stress. Can be seen on the face Gestures shown to the owner Or other animals, for example, fearful or submissive

4. Likes to hide and stay alone.
Some dogs have a habit of being alone. But if your dog is already cheerful, but suddenly separated to be alone. Or avoiding you The cause can be anxiety or discomfort if it behaves like this. It is recommended to take them to the veterinarian for better peace of mind.

5. Eat less food.
From what used to eat every meal When you are eating, they tend to sit and stare at you. Turned into refusing to eat anything The favorite thing that I used to like is ignoring even though I had never been lacking before Such symptoms can be caused by stress. Resulting in weight loss Which is not good for dogs at all When this is Should seek advice from a veterinarian in order to treat it properly.
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It was pretty informative! Thanks for sharing this useful information.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Great article! I think that many people don't know this and don't pay attention to these symptoms that can lead to severe consequences.
My friend didn't know this, and, one day, his dog felt really sick, and he could die. After that, my friend decided that it was really a good idea to insure his dog's health cause he wanted to protect him if something serious like that happened. He read many reviews from pet owners about this on https://www.petinsurancereview.com/ and concluded that he was making the right decision. At first, it seemed like a weird decision, but I think I can understand it. He wanted to secure a better future for his dog.
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