How to Play Vayne
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How to Play Vayne
Vane 's Allies.
Let's consider a few saports that are best suited for Vane.
Jeanne will be a very good ally only if she really knows how to play and use her skills. Otherwise, you will just be pressed against your tower. Jeanne is good because she can apply an excellent Eye Of The Storm shield, which not only absorbs damage, but also significantly increases the attack. Also in Jeanne's arsenal there are two excellent control skills Howling Gale and Zephyr. If Jeanne hits the enemy with her powerful tornado, then Vane has time to successfully throw the enemy into the wall and launch an attack. If you come across a very strong opponent, then it will also be good to stand with Jeanne, since she will constantly use a shield on you and you will lose much less health.
How to Play Vayne
Lulu vaguely resembles Jeanne, but in my opinion she is a little more interesting and has much more potential. Lulu can play equally well in defense and in attack. She has a great absorbing shield and good slowing skills. Due to her Fairy and some skills, Lulu can strain the enemy a little from the very beginning, while you will farm more or less normally. As soon as the enemy makes a mistake, you just take advantage of it and go to the end. With Lulu, you can play quite aggressively and even kill one of the opponents in the first minutes of the match.
Leona is one of the best saports in terms of control skills. The success of Leona and Vane's bundle will largely depend on how Leona initiates the fight and how synchronous your actions will be. Vane's role in this tandem is very simple, just deal damage by launching an attack a fraction of a second before Leona's successful jump.
Trash has a very high potential. Each of his skills has its own characteristics, using which he becomes a very good saport. Trash can attract the enemy Death Sentence or slow down a group of Flay opponents at once. In difficult moments, he can save you with the help of his Dark Passage lantern. By itself, Trash also deals very good damage with a simple auto attack, so Vane will not be the only damager on the line.
Nidali can play not only as a magician on the top line, but also as an excellent saport. Together with Vane, she is able to inflict huge total damage. Nidali can significantly increase Vane's attack speed with the Primal Surge/Swipe skill. When an enemy steps on Nidali's trap and takes damage from a spear, then this can serve as the beginning of a good attack, since at the same time Nidali starts hunting the enemy and can cause a huge amount of damage. The disadvantage of this bundle is that both champions do not have normal control skills, so the enemy must be killed instantly, that is, literally in a couple of seconds, focusing all their skills.
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