How to stop caffeine withdrawal addiction to coffee?
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Caffeine is a fast-acting stimulant that works well with the central nervous system. It can raise blood pressure and heart rate. Increase energy and improve overall mood, friends may begin to experience the effects of caffeine immediately after consumption and the effect will last as long as the caffeine remains in your body.

But how long will it be?
The answer depends on a number of factors.

The effect of caffeine reaches its maximum level within 30 to 60 minutes of eating. This is the time when friends There is a chance of experiencing the harsh effects of caffeine, or in other words, the time when caffeine is active. May urinate more due to the amount of fluid ingested and the mild diuretic effect of the caffeine.

Caffeinated foods and drinks
Caffeine is a natural substance found in many plants, including coffee and cocoa beans and tea leaves. It also contains artificial forms of caffeine, often added to soda and energy drinks. Try to avoid these foods and beverages, which often contain caffeine, within 6 hours of bedtime.

Black and green tea
Coffee and espresso drinks
Energy drink
sparkling water
Caffeine withdrawal
If your friends are used to drinking caffeine, they may not be able to stop consuming caffeine. Or addicted to caffeine According to a study from the American Heart Association, symptoms of caffeine withdrawal were found within 12 to 24 hours of the most recent caffeine intake. These symptoms can include:

Headache (most common symptom)
Easily stressed
Easy to worry
Drowsiness and fatigue
Caffeine withdrawal symptoms tend to resolve within 48 hours, however, if you are used to consuming large amounts of it, the withdrawal symptoms can exacerbate withdrawal symptoms.

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The best way to cut down on caffeine is to cut back on how much you consume every day instead. Don't quit going stubborn, it's best that your friends can cut down on the amount of caffeine they consume, or simply swap out certain items. Instead of green tea

Caffeine is just one way to boost alertness and fight sleepiness. Due to potential side effects, friends may consider limiting their daily intake to 300mg per day. This equates to about 3 small cups of roasted coffee.
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