Botox benefits With cerebrovascular disease treatment
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You've probably heard of Botox. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this word? It can be cosmetic surgery, skin care, or wrinkles. However, this article does not mention Botox in the areas that we already know. But I will talk about the other benefits of Botox that most people may not know, that is, the benefits of Botox. With cerebrovascular disease treatment itself

What is Botox?
Botulinum toxin type A (Botulinum toxin type A), also known as botox. Known as Is a type of toxic biological substance Created by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, botox is the same type of toxin that causes food poisoning. That could be life threatening In order to use Botox, it must be under close medical supervision.

Botox has properties that can be used. In cosmetic procedures Removes fine lines and wrinkles on the face, chin, neck and chest in medicine. Botox is a type of treatment. For some other health conditions

Although it gives only temporary treatment results But Botox has gained attention and is very popular. Because it is easy to use and provides quick treatment results. Performing one procedure only takes a little time.

Before every use of Botox, it should be supervised by a healthcare professional for its safety.However, Botox should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Or people with a history of allergic reactions to Botox Which is the precautionary precautions before the injection

Botox benefits In the treatment of cerebrovascular disease
Botox is used inside the muscle, meaning your doctor will inject botox into your muscles. When Botox is injected. Botox paralyzes specific muscles or blocks certain nerves.

Therefore, Botox can help stroke patients. With limb spasticity, which is a stiffness in one side of the body that can lead to problems cutting nails, balancing the feet and walking Or moving in bed You may see the results within 2 weeks, but the results will not last long.

Your doctor may recommend that you use Botox. In conjunction with physical therapy To get better and longer treatment results This will help restore the work and movement of the muscles again. So you can move your muscles better. Practicing daily activities such as washing hands, writing, eating It will be easier than before

Is Botox the Perfect Treatment?
Of course, nothing is perfect. Including Botox Botox may have side effects. And no one can guarantee that Uses of Botox It is always safe to treat a stroke long term.

However, using Botox is worth a try. Under the supervision of a doctor And examination of disease symptoms That can use botox Because many patients treated with this method can relax the muscles. And move better

The more common Botox side effects are:

- dry mouth
- headache
- neck pain
- There is pain in the area where the needle was injected.
- Problems with vision, including blurred vision, blurred vision, droopy eyelids, dry eyes
- urinary tract infection
- Various allergic reactions, including rash, itching, dizziness, wheezing

These side effects usually go away after 3 weeks. Or worsening symptoms You should go to your doctor immediately. And remember After Botox injections Do not rub on the injection site for at least 12 hours and do not lie down for at least 1 hour after the Botox injection.

Botox is a safe treatment. It is effective for stroke patients with complications. However, botox has some side effects, so you should consult your doctor well before receiving this treatment. And being treated in a medical facility by a specialist doctor To help diagnose And using Botox correctly Effective and accurate to the symptoms And help in treating disease properly

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