8 Powerful Promises of God from Psalm 91
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:56 pm    Post subject: 8 Powerful Promises of God from Psalm 91 Reply with quote
We walked gradually back to the vehicle through a packed parking area in the Texas summer heat. Blistering, muggy, full sun pushing ahead. I saw my girl coordinating my means, strolling near to my side the whole path back. Little legs loosening up as far as possible to coordinate my step. She grinned up at me and stated, “Mother, look, I'm strolling in your shade.” She'd found the shadow, the protected spot to walk. I adored that my side was her shield, giving her security from the warmth.

This update came… “He who stays in the asylum of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

We may not generally see it, or feel it, we may fail to remember it's there on occasion, or even keep thinking about whether He's left us to battle for ourselves in the warmth of difficult circumstances of life. Be that as it may, His assurance is genuine. He doesn't, He can't, fail to remember us or overlook us. On the off chance that we have a place with Him, His adoration is too extraordinary to even consider leaving us all alone.

Which means of Psalm 91

Is it any incident that this is the 9-1-1 stanza? In whatever inconveniences we face today, God is the spot of asylum we can hurry to, He is our protected spot.

“Dwell” utilized in this refrain really signifies, “to relocate to.” He reminds us to remain in His quality, for it's a perpetual spot of living. His Word says in the event that we do that, we will “rest” in the very “shadow of the Almighty.” Shadows by definition are a position of assurance or covering, they give help from the immediate warmth of the sun. On the off chance that the warmth is serious, the shade is the spot we race to. It reduces what we really feel in the force of the warmth.

An update for us, particularly in the extreme stuff, that we never walk alone. Full warmth of difficulties pushing ahead hard, weighty, it's a battle now and again to continue to walk through it all. Pressing factor and stress can appear as smothering as a sweltering evening summer sun. However God murmurs truth, solid and sure, “Stroll in my shadow, up near my side.” It's in the protected spot that brings certainty; for when we are resting is God's shadow, we won't ever confront the full warmth of our challenges. He shields from that torment. His shade, His shadow, lessens what is really felt in the force of all the warmth. Rest, harmony, and quiet ascent up solid, directly in the striving wreck of life, and we're guaranteed, He's in charge.

Here and there, possibly accidentally, in the hecticness or challenges of living, we may endeavor to get by all alone. We fail to remember that what we need most, God's security and the solace of His quality, are unreservedly accessible to the individuals who love Him and stroll under His covering.
This whole section of Psalm 91 is loaded up with the decency and intensity of God. Extraordinary updates that He steadfastly chips away at sake of the individuals who love Him. What's more, toward the finish, all things considered, God gives 8 reasons of why we don't need to fear.

He guarantees:

“Since he cherishes me,” says the Lord, “I will safeguard him; I will secure him, for he recognizes my name. He will approach me, and I will respond to him; I will be with him in a difficult situation, I will convey him and honor him. With long life I will fulfill him and show him my salvation.”
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