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  • 27 February, 2018

With the growth in information technology and resource management, there are now a lot of resources on the internet. These resources come in different forms such as files, data, web pages, or even connections. Proxy servers are useful tools in getting these resources as they serve as intermediary for request between clients seeking the resource and the server which has the resource. Proxy servers make requests to websites and servers on the internet for the user. As of today, most proxies used are web proxies which facilitate access to resources on the World Wide Web.

A proxy server performs a number of functions, which includes;

  • Controlling data usage; which it does by giving a detailed report on the data consumed by each website.
  • It also improves speed of accessing websites by caching files
  • Proxy server can help to remove ads from websites before reaching the user's computer.
  • Proxy servers also help to hide IP address, location and other information from the server.
  • It also helps to bypass IP address blocking that may be put in place by websites or servers.

Web scraping is one important uses of proxy servers, as they help in maintaining anonymity when scraping from websites. Scraping which is the technique of automatically extracting information from websites, can be a very tedious task. This is because websites have certain mechanisms in place which they use to detect automatic scraping and block IP addresses of computers from which the scraping is done.

Some of the Reasons For Scraping Information are:

Information on competitors: This is a form of feasibility study; it helps you know what your competitors are offering, including their customer feedback.

For reviews: perchance you have a site and need a full review score, by scraping Amazon for information like reviews, you will get various sellers’ reviews to work with.

To get pricing information: It will give you an idea about competitive prices to place on your own products.

There are other legitimate reasons for the need to scrape information from Amazon, but whatever the reason is, you will need Amazon proxies for optimal results.

Using Proxy Server for Web Scraping: Amazon

Amazon has made its mark by owning one of the largest trading platforms in the world. However, there is more to them than just being a big marketplace, Amazon has an information pool that is beneficial to businesses, as the information gotten from the pool is an essential part of a strategy to help make your products get the proper exposure they need, as a function of the proper target audience.

To avoid getting a suspended/banned account, here are simple steps to scraping information from Amazon using proxies:

Get a Tool: You can go about this the manual way, which involves you doing the scraping yourself (time consuming, as you could spend the whole day and not get much) or scrape using the automated method (Scraper), which by any standard is the best option.

When picking a good scraper (you may search “Amazon scraper” with a search engine), it is imperative to pay attention to the reviews about the scraper, if there are more negative reviews than positives, or if most of the reviews have affiliate links in them, then it will do you good to check another scraper.

You need a private, yet dedicated proxy, better still a backconnect or rotating proxies: this ensures your IP address changes constantly, leaving the impression that the requests are from different people.

Avoid Bot-like Scraping: Avoid scraping for hours on end without taking intermittent breaks by putting a limit to the number of queries handled by the software per second, or Amazon will think it is a bot doing the scraping, then ban the proxy. Also, it is important to ensure the software is scraping randomly, just the way a human would. If the scraping is consistent, Amazon will detect and ban the proxy instantly. Avoid using the same landing page as much as possible, or red flags will be raised.

Randomize Your Proxies: It is so easy for the Amazon to detect “regular” bot-like patterns, and react by banning. This is why you need a pack of different IP addresses or rotating proxies as earlier mentioned. As long as you use random IP addresses frequently, Amazon will not be able to detect you are using a scraper.

Other points to note include; the user scraping only what is needed, to avoid the hassle of sorting data that is not needed. It will also do the user good to save URLs, just in case the software crashes, so the scraper can continue from the last URL before the crash. Do not log into your Amazon account while scraping.

Scraping as shown is one of the essential functions of a proxy server, as it helps in gathering vital information. A proxy server, therefore when used right can be the most effective tool of a website owner. Basically, all you need is a tool and proxies to scrape data, and you are on your way to getting all the information you require from Amazon.

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