Remove a Proxy from the Database.

The main goal of Xroxy.Com is to list as many open HTTP proxies as possible, but we respect the rights of people who own the listed computers and pay for the bandwidth.

If you are an administrator or are somehow responsible for a proxy which is listed in our full proxylist, you can ask us to add your IP address to our administrative blacklist. IPs in this blacklist will never be checked by our back-end or listed on Xroxy.Com again.

You should understand that our proxy list visit very many people each day, and proxies from our site are exported via RSS to other websites.

If you remove your proxy from our list only this does not guarantee that it will no longer be checked or listed somewhere else - it just guarantees that Xroxy.Com will not list it.

If you do not want people use your proxy, you must secure it properly. It can be done by creating access control lists, etc. If not done it will be found by spiders and listed on some web sites. Check your proxy's manuals and guides for information on ACLs by IP or host masks.

To add your host to the administrative blacklist, please send us an email on the address with the IP address you want to blacklist. Please use administrative contact email for this request otherwise we will not be able to check that you are responsible for this proxy.