These polls about proxy related stuff make it possible to find out what people are interesed in this field. By voting you give us an idea in what direction we should move, what features we should develop and improve.

Your opinion is extremly valuable to us so please take this brief 10 to 12 minute survey. You are welcome to add a comment or suggest additional options for a particular poll.

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06/08/2006 You'd pay money to get access to which feature of Xroxy.Com?
05/29/2006 Which way do you pay online?
07/26/2005 Where do you find proxies and proxylists?
07/26/2005 For what purpose do you need an updated proxy lists?
07/26/2005 Do you have your own website related to proxy servers.
07/26/2005 Do you know what RSS is?
07/26/2005 Do you know what "WIKI" is?
07/26/2005 Would you donate to support Xroxy.Com?
05/16/2005 Which are the "standard" ports for HTTP proxy
05/04/2005 How often you need to get an updated proxylist?
05/04/2005 What is "Anonymous" proxy for you?
05/04/2005 What is your favourite format of a single proxy record in a proxylist?
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