Premium Proxy Help


your proxy is f#*king AWESOME! No speed or connection issues at all. Thanks for the trial. Later when I have more money I will subscribe! Please add me to your mailing list!

Dennis Nicks

If you get any problems with our premium proxy service please do not hesitate to contact our support team or look for the answer on the forum.

Before you do this we encourage you to read the following frequently asked questions and answers. Chances are your question has already been answered.

How many proxies will I get with the Premium Proxy Service?

Our premium proxy service will entitle you to have a SINGLE IP:port combination during the whole subscription period. You will NOT receive multiple proxy IPs and you will NOT be able to rotate through the IP addresses during your subscription. This is NOT a proxy list service. If you are interested in proxy lists please visit the following page.

I can not log in. Password not accepted! Why?

The username and password generated by PayPal during checkout will NOT work on the XROXY.COM web site. These login details are solely for proxy use only. You will need to configure your web browser using IP address and port number provided. Once configured browse the web as usual and enter un/pw when asked to do so.

My subscription was cancelled. Why?

We usually do not cancel customer subscriptions. If you did not cancel it as well and still received the message from PayPal saying the subscription was cancelled chances are PayPal cancelled your subscription since there was not enough money to fund a recent payment transaction. Please make sure your funding source in PayPal is okay and set up new proxy subscription.

Does your proxy support SOCKS4/5 protocol?

Due to security reasons our premium proxies do NOT support SOCKS protocol. Our proxies was designed to be used for web browsing that is why they support popular HTTP protocol with SSL support. Please do not try to use our proxies as a SOCKS proxy. It will NOT work. Please make sure you configure your web browser properly as described here.

How do I extend my monthly into quarterly recurring subscription?

It is impossible to modify your existing subscription terms (period and recurrence options) until the subscription is cancelled and expired. Then you will be able to select new term options and set up a new subscription

Can I keep the username and password the same for a new subscription?

No. Username and password are generated by PayPal for each and every new subsription. There is no way to instruct PayPal to keep these parameters the same for two subscriptions.

I have forgotten my subscription password. How do I recover it?

You can always see your username and password by logging into PayPal and opening transaction history tab. Then find the subscription in question and click 'details' link. You can find the credentials at the bottom of the page.

The proxy has slowed right down. Can I switch the proxy?

Although it is true each premium proxy server is shared between many customers, be assured that we do not oversell the servers i.e. you should not experience any slowdowns due to a slow proxy. Make sure your local Internet connection is fine and try again later. Due to security reasons it is not allowed to switch proxy unless the server goes down.

Why downloading through the proxy is slow while live stream is okay?

In order to provide best quality of service to all our users we have to use special traffic shaping techniques. In essence this method limits the speed of the downloads going in the background while people watching live streams are not restricted in any way. If you are downloading a lot you can leave your downloads for a night.

Are there any monthly traffic limits for a premium proxy?

Unlike other proxy services we do not have any monthly traffic limits for our premium proxy services. You can download as much data as you can. On the other hand we have implemented special traffic shaping techniques ensuring best quality of service for all of our users.