Premium Service Cancellation


At first I was cautious and thought this would be a scam. Thank god it was nothing like that! You provide a fantastic service! Great quality, speed etc. Will definitely keep renewing it.

Kudos and thanks!

We are always trying to do our best to provide you with a quality proxy service. If you are experiencing any problems with our premium proxy service please try looking for an answer in a help section we created or by contacting our support representative before cancelling your subscription.

From our experience many technical problems can be resolved within a few minutes.

Before requesting help please make sure you have configured your web browser or any other application properly to work through the proxy server.

If you still wish to cancel your subscription or you just do not need proxy service anymore please follow the steps below to cancel your subscription in PayPal. Doing this will stop any recurring charges to your PayPal account.

If you are cancelling your subscription during free trial period you can be sure no money will be taken from your PayPal account at all. Your trial username and password will be active till the end of the trial period.

If your subscription is non-recurring you will not be able to cancel it since it will automatically expire at the end of the current payment term anyway.

These instructions were taken from PayPal Help Center