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  • Data Center IPs

    Incredibily fast private proxies

  • Thousands of IPs Rotating

    Pick your proxies from our global rotating IP database

  • Geo distribution

    Our proxy IPs have a global reach spanning from US to Asia

  • Many useful functions

    Use our proxies work on many platforms

  • Low failure rate

    Xroxy data center network has a failure rate as low as 1%

  • Quick integration

    Use our advanced free proxy manager for fast, smooth start

    Low Failure

Geo Locations

All of our proxies are routed through a central access point allowing you to use IPs from over 40 different countries including:
United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe & more!

Why use Xroxy?

Xroxy began almost 10 years ago, initially supplying the globe with free proxy servers. We have since moved onto premium paid proxies ranging from rotating to semi-dedicated proxies.

We have an entire team dedicated to new development, ensuring the we provide you with the best possible product. Xroxy prides itself on very minimal down-time and fresh IPs. Our support team is available at all hours to answer any of your questions about setting our proxies up or technical issues.



Get Started For FREE

Our comprehensive back-end software all the proxies in the database several times a day. So you'll find here live proxies only.

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