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Open Proxy Database

The HTTP proxy database was created in hopes to help webmasters fight against spam, fraud, etc. Most of fraudulent activity is coming through open web proxies.

That is why on of the solution to eliminate such activity is to catalog all open proxies, and limit access to those using ones.

Other use for the proxy list is clear. Webmaster or web site administrator can use it for blocking mail and denying purchases through open proxies. By the way anonymous surfing is one of the open proxy list uses. shares it’s large, up-to-date, and accurate list of proxies with the rest of the internet absolutely for free. The two main goals of the proxy database are:

  • to verify that the open proxies servers are not just listening on a proxy port but works as proxy server
  • to continually check whether the proxies are still up and running. If not, remove it from the list.

Reliability and Accuracy in a proxy list is our main goal!