Full database dump

Fetching proxies
Sometimes you need to automate the process of fetching fresh proxies. You can use special programs (leechers) to fetch proxies but their activity abuse proxy sources. Another problem is that leechers are quite inaccurate.

Xroxy RSS dump
Here comes simple yet powerfull solution. Xroxy.Com publishes it’s full proxy database dump incorporated in RSS feed. To use this service, you need an aggregator that will allow you to periodically check our database for updates.

Setting up RSS aggregator
The basic idea is that aggregator script, residing on your server, runs periodically to check is there any updates of Xroxy.Com RSS feed. If the script finds any changes it gets new data, parses it and prepares proxylist for usage.

Sample PHP aggregator
We’ve created a sample PHP aggregator to help you start working with proxy RSS dump. You can easly install it by following the instruction:

  • Firstly, you need to download aggregator script. Then, decompress archive and upload it on your website. It is quite a good idea to create a subdirectory called, for example xroxy and give a write permission on it to everybody. Place aggregator script there.
  • Aggregator script is written in PHP, so you can check and edit it easly. There are some parameters at the top of the script that you may want to change. Besides that don’t forget to modify that part of the script generating output to meet your formatting.
  • Set up crontab to run this script periodically to fetch updates. Feed is updated quite frequently but there is no need to update data more often than once an hour.

Please note: the feed was designed to prevent spam and abuse and to save bandwidth. That is why it returns full database dump on first request. For any subsequent request 304 Not Modified header is returned if there are no changes in the feed itself.