XROXY.COM and their proxylists SUXXX!

From time to time we get angry emails from users disappointed in XROXY.COM services. Other people go further. In some Internet forums you can find posts in which our site and our free lists of open proxies are called bullshit.

Well, it's very sad to receive such a feedback because we always do our best to deliver fresh and accurate proxylists to our users. We have tryed to make it clear why some of our users are unsatisfied with our services.

While we get no blame on XROXY.COM services like state-of-the-art functional system of selecting proxies, modern proxylist fetching technology via RSS feed, SPAM free subscription system and flexible way to interact with our open proxy database, most of negative feedback we get in regard of proxylists quality.

The main claim we get from our valued users is that there are not so much really working proxies in our proxylists, maybe not more than 20%.

We have carried out very meticulous investigation and found out that in most cases our user's Internet provider make some special restrictions on any connection.

For example some ISPs configure their firewall to block outgoing client connections on all ports except 80, i.e. HTTP protocol. Clients of such ISP will not be able to use any proxies with port number other than 80. Besides ISP's network address ranges can be blacklisted by some Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems or SPAM protection Systems. In this case any connection from such ISP networks will be automatically blocked by many Internet servers including proxy servers from our proxy lists. There are a lot of other examples but you've got the main idea.

Another claim to our proxy lists is that proxies we defined as anonymous are actually not anonymous enought. In this cases we usually advise our users to learn proxy anonymity classification we use at XROXY.COM. When our user gets acquinted with this classification he usually have no more claims.

Sometimes people tell us that proxy connection latency characteristics in our list are incorrect. Our lists says for example that some proxy have connection latency of less than a second while user finds out that the real latency is more than three seconds. We answer that connection latency is very subjective, it represents our prospective.

We get criticism on overall numbers of proxies in our lists. Users tells us there are so many proxies in our database. Well, we do our best to deliver as many proxies to our users as we can find. Besides that we are gracefull to those who add their proxylists to our database. If you can help us make our open database larger and more accurate you are welcome to add your proxies on the proxy addition page.

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