Get your reliable private proxy.

There are many web sites on the internet offering lists of the free open proxy servers IP addresses and ports in different countries including UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc. You can download these lists for free.

The problems start when you try to use these proxies. You get free proxy details and put them into your browser configuration. When you try to browse to any web site the proxy just does not work. Then you try next proxy with the same result.

Finally you decide the proxy list is bad or needs rechecking. Few minutes later your proxy checking software tells you all proxies from the list are dead. You try the different free open proxy list with no luck.

Actually you might get few proxies to work. But the browsing through these proxies is a pain in the arse since the pages loads too slowly. After few minutes the proxy dies completely and do not respond anymore

You need to understand one simple thing: All free open proxies proxies published on the internet are SHIT! They really are since their owners did not want them to be open to anybody. These 'free' open proxies are open to everybody by mistake. The proxy sysadmin just that stupid not to secure his proxy properly.

As soon as somebody discover an open proxy it's details appear on many proxy web sites in minutes. In a matter of hours hordes of users try to browse through the proxy generating huge traffic. As soon as sysadmin discover this he shut down proxy server or reconfigure it.

That is why the one need to get his own private proxy from the reliable proxy service provider who has created the secure network of paid proxies throughout the world and maintain them. Only authorized user get access to the proxies from the international network that is why all paid proxies are fast, secure and reliable. All paid proxies support HTTPS/SSL protocol.

In order to get your own paid HTTP(s) proxy please subscribe to our premium proxy subscription.

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