Watch BBC iPlayer from any country

BBC iPlayer is becoming more and more popular as it adds more TV and radio channels. Many people would like to watch it online but unable to do it since BBC blocks access from outside the UK.

BBCiPlayer uses what is called 'geo-location' technology which checks the IP address of each incoming request. If the IP address is not from the UK the access to the content is blocked and the 'Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only' message is shown.

It is technically possible to use HTTP(s) proxy from UK to make BBC player think you are actually in UK while you are not. The problem is that free open proxy servers found on the internet are unreliable due to number of users abusing them.

In order to watch BBC iPlayer TV programmes without interruption you need to get reliable and fast proxy in the UK. To get one please subscribe to our premium UK proxy server. This is paid service with free trial option. For a reasonable price you are hundred percent sure there will be no service disruptions while you are watching your favourite TV programme.

Please note: You still need to purchase UK TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer TV programmes online.

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