I can't copy-n-paste proxy IP

We do our best to provide our users with free proxylists but sometimes we face with abusers of our free services. So we need to fight them.

While we offer so many ways to get our proxylist for free there are people trying to make our and their own life harder.

They use special programs, called automated proxy leechers, that automatically download pages from different websites and parses them to get proxylists. This technique is absolutely dumb because it don't save website owner's bandwidth.

We ask such users: Why do you use this proxy leecher? Why don't you use our free services like subscription and RSS feed?

Well, finally we've decided to fight with such activity taking place at XROXY.COM What we do is we show proxy IP address as picture so automated leecher can't parse it.

Actually, ordinary users is not able to copy and paste IP address too, but human can read and he can use our proxy delivering services.

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