Why was XROXY.COM created?

The HTTP proxy database was the result of a webmaster's battle against spam, fraud, and other unwanted activity taking place on his websites.

Since most of this abuse was coming through open web proxies, the solution was simple: catalog as many open proxies as possible, and deny access to anyone who was using one.

Soon, other potential uses for the proxy list became clear, and it was put into use blocking mail and even denying purchases attempted through proxies. Of course, being able to browse anonymously all the time didn't hurt, either!

XROXY.COM was created in hopes of sharing the benefits of a large, accurate, and up-to-date list of proxies with the rest of the internet.

In particular, the two main goals of the XROXY.COM proxy database are to actually verify that the hosts we list are open proxies, not just that they're listening on a proxy port; and to continually check the status of the proxies, and remove closed or unresponsive hosts from the list. Accuracy and reliability in a proxy list were something we couldn't find elsewhere, so we did it ourselves.

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